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Pediatric Learning Disability Autism ADHD cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy Education : PLACE SERVICES

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Pediatric Learning Disability Autism ADHD cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy Education : PLACE SERVICES

If you are a new person seeking Dr Kondekars Appointment, please visit    www.pedneuromumbai.wordpress.com
There are three questionaire: These questionaire are a mean of priming your doctor about the case before an appointment so that you will ask specific questions and save time for quality consultation.
1. For Neuro epilepsy Developmental and LD or CP cases fill up the first questionaire with details asked for.
2. Second questionaire is for suspected cases of autism and speech delay. Actually all such cases shall fill up both these questionaire. This DSM 5 autism questionairree helps doctor gather infomration to understand severity of a case and plan goals for sequential course over 100 days.
3.Third form or  questionaire is for follow up cases for subsequent visits to document changes since last visit.
Data entered in all these forms will be strictly confidential and it reaches directly to the email box of Dr Kondekar.
4.Also there is a format of objective sequential weekly monitoring of autism kids, to be downlaoded printed and filled by parents every sunday with a score of -5 to +5.
5. There is a booklet of FAQ on Autism Prepared by Dr Kondekar at the same website for reading and udnerstanding the concept.
6. Whatsapp in above group for an additional booklet on home based tips and management, home based therapy ideas, and lists of various sensory issues,  and also for individualised tips, shared videos of parents talking about improvement, stages of speech development, management of gut issues, respiratory issues and hyper kinetism etc.
7. Read Dr Kondekars Protocol for Autism care in Mumbai at https://kondekar.weebly.com/autism-adhd.html
8. Read standard DSM criteria fo ASD ADHD on this page in links section at bottom.
9. use comments / forum section here to ask open queries if you dont wish to disclose mobile number.
10. For other health related queries / video consultations and advice regarding various therapies visit www.kondekar.com and select articles from drop down box.
11. Clinic address is at www.aakaarclinic.com facebook page is www.facebook.com/cdcmumbai
12. Free whatsapp with Dr at 9869405747
13. Text advice is free you may visit www.peditips.com for same.
14. Free Whatsapp help and support group for Parents of Neuro developmental Issues.