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Diet for Autism Kids: Kondekar's Concept of 4D minus diet

autism is not a dietary deficiency.
special diet like gfcf or gaps diet in autism had made a great market like homeopathy did.

inulin based diets are followed by some people saying gut infection. Homeopaths claim that gut fungal or inflammation needs that special diet. Its not so.

All this is wrong.
Autism is not a dietary disease. Autism is not related to gluten or celiac disease.

Then why the fuss about diet in autism?

There are 3 reasons:
1. Autism is a sensory issue/ pathology. Autism kids donot sense the sense of gut movement or digestion or gut distension clearly
2. Autism is associated with constipation in 70% cases mainly because people tend to give power diets like milk and dry fruits [people feel it helps in brain development -no it doesnt] in excess in autism and all of these are constipating diets.
3. Altered gut sense, makes the brain interpret sense wrongly and hence , child gives a wierd sensory response. This causes restless and agitation more so with constipation and child will start running or screaming at times or just keep crying or cranky ... all because of indigestion /sensory gut issues.

And these are the 3 reasons, why diet needs to be changed in autism. but not to gluten free or GFCF or GAPS but only that diet needs to be stopped from gut for 6 months, which is known to cause gut sensory confusion.
So which diet is not easy to digest?
The food items which are not easy to crush /cook or digest are heavy protein supplements, dry fruits, seeded fruits like pomogranate and hard pulses like red or toor or arhar daal, hard peas etc. Also casein in animal milk cannot be digested by human gut and it starts getting stacked as constipation. [There is strong evidence that animal milk causes constipation too.} Only this diet needs to be stopped.

To summarize, in autism no special diet needed. The diet that causes sensory chaos and worsening of aggression or agitation in autism kids like milk/CHEESE/paneer [casein rich foods] dry fruits daals [ high phosphate foods] and pomogranate [seeded fruits] , needs to be stopped. it has nothing to do with sugar, wheat, maida. but bajri, oats, jowar are hard to cook / digest diets.

In other words if we continue above dietary items crankiness or constipation may persist or get converted to agitation and this will affect concentration and will affect learning initiation.

Barring these Child can eat any other diet as much child wants to.


No animal milk. Diet in autism and normal kids isn't same. And please donot follow random advise given by a non MD expert in this. Dietitians are not trained in autism like MD, nor the parents. All get random information from net .. written by PHD doctors who are either a parent or a company person.  *A parent can tell what's good for their own autism kid and not for others.*
We all need to seriously understand that we are in this group for a system That is working to show positivity in few months in many kids.  Please follow it.
Stay in the flow... ! Please follow Al diet related queries to


Let me explain u how diet is related to autism
Any thing about diet and autism

 Cow/buffalo/goat Milk, animal or donkey or camel milk,  sweets,  gluten,  all these doesn't go well with autism kids

 The connection  gut brain is not due to inflammation.
 But due to wrong perception of sense of indigestion
 As you know autism is a disease of sensing inadequate and inappropriate
 Means the sense of self environment family society all is interpreted wrong
 Same way sense of feeling emotions behaviour reciprocation vibration proprioception balance and touch pain temp hearing vision  all gets interpreted wrongly
Same way the sense of breathing and digestion gets interpreted wrongly inside the brain. It has nothing to do with infection immunity and inflammation
So when sense of gut movements and digestions gets wrongly perceived child reacts in a cranky irritable restless chaotic or hyperactive manner by giving such a viewed response.
So it's just the improper  digestion that creates such wrong feelings or sense from gut and at times constipation gets added to this
Now why digestions becomes difficult--------- is very umderstand
 Child is not faulty or the gut of the child. It's the diet that gets into food pipe decides how smoothly it will move through gut
So we need to tackle diet.
But not as crazy diet plans like gaps...
\When u don't understand above principles as I explained u above , u go berserk making the life of family difficult running after some stupid diet

 And when u run away from main issue of brain development and go for only managing gut, we go away from goals and we lose any improvement
 So don't run for special diet.
Avoid only that diet that causes indigestion
: Like

It's definitely not sugar as sugar is easiest thing to pass through gut
 There is always a principle in dietetics..
 What u give is not.important , but what u don't give it.
 So a 100 days break from few dietary items will add peace to family and let every one concentrate on development
No vigorous schedules

 Now coming to main part
What diet exactly u need to avoid.
Don't get carried away by something that doesn't work in 100 days or goes by just hearsay or some hidden  secret formula
The key is we need to avoid only that diet that human body can't digest or is not easy to digest or takes long time to cook or chew or needs to b crushed before eating
Biggest enemy here is not gluten

So wheat maida is welcome but not barley jowar oats

 Casein in animal milk can't b digested by humans .. so animal milk can never be solution to autism but a problem ... More so for constipation
Dry fruits and  smalll seeded fruits being hard are likely to get stuck on pipe adding to resistance to gut movements

 So in short
Four D minus diet is key
Dry fruits
Daals- primarily toor, rajma, arhar,urad  cos it takes long time 5o cook so Surely not.moong daa
 Alternative for cow milk then?
-  As kids needs calcium
Dr Kondekar Neuro Pediatrician: Just skip this diet for 100 days... U will see many changes
Reducing irritability
Strengthen ING digestions
Improving appetite
And reduced irritability and crankiness .. crying and hyperactivity to a great extent..

One more.imp.thing_ diapers to be avoided and protein supplements and high protein diet to be discouraged. Instead add amino acid supplements... Which are broken down.. easy to digest proteins

 Remember 10 kg child needs calcium 100 mg per kg per day that's approx 1gm a day and even if I give 1 L cow milk a day u cant even reach half of it, and large quantity liquid diet will cause malnutrition in kids.
Moral: cow milk may b given as calcium source for adults not for kids. As that volume of cow milk apart from adding to constipation will cause iron deficiency and malnutrition in children.
What calcium u may get from 50/- cow milk is by 1/4th tablet of 10/- high strength calcium carbonate
Dr Kondekar Neuro Pediatrician: They give wrong sense to the autistic kid.. and child starts feeling it as a part of his body and so toilet training gets delayed. Once u follow.  4d minus diet for 3 months with no diaper for 3 months... Automatically gut issues get settled. Though many cases see changes in two weeks ..

 Some cases take 2 months to show change and thats why 100 days to revamp the whole pipeMainly if the gut issues are sorted
 Dr Kondekar Neuro Pediatrician: Safest is calcium carbonate ... With high strength . But autism kids will also need other nutrients  so we go for heavy dose combinations of nutrients with calcium as available in market

Dr Kondekar Neuro Pediatrician: The be assessed as a whole and goals need to be sent gut management helps.only tackle crankiness and digestion to great extent and restlessness to some extent
 It's a cocktail
 U need to understand the science of nutrients in autism before I suggest it.
 Anything u follow without understanding is half hearted and so will never work
Dr Kondekar Neuro Pediatrician: Will share u some video. .many talk
 All depends on what age they present and how.much patience parents have in continuing therapy
: And u can share this diet funda if u have understood 
Milk has casein That alters senses of gut as it is not digested by humans as humans don't have enzyme casein lysate. This wrong sense from gut gets the child with autism interprete it abnormally and give a hyper unusual response Taht hampers learning. Constipation is one added reason in 60% cases of autism. Same is also caused by many indigestible diets but we donot consume it daily as milk. Animal milk is not required for humans and can be replaced by butter milk or lemon water or glucon D or tang or soya milk too.It's not there in butter buttermilk and ghee. So tup/ghee is safe.
toilet training and indigestion cure go hand in hand.
If there is no other neurological issue... This is very simple issue for me. Deadline is 3 months ... 3 rules to follow diapers for three months 2. Specific diet restrictions /4D minus diet for 6 months 3. Gut evaluation plan for 3 months Surprisingly toilet training is natural once the child develops understanding of it. Understanding is missing in lost autism kids. Constipation often halts toilet training so do diapers and milk. No costly chairs, no time taking therapies, no social emabarasment of shouting at kid. Read diet at a link Also in many kids aggression and sleep gets more comfort once diet is taken care off. Earliest sign of toilet training is child attempts to sit for it. And this won't be achieved without strictly no diapers for 3 months. All other methods of toilet training take 6 months or more in kids with autism 

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