Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Child Neruology Tips Tricks and Updates

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Child Neruology Tips Tricks and Updates

Aakaar Clinic at Byculla Mumbai is first of its kind center for children with neurologiocal issues including but not limited to Pediatric Autism, ADHD,. Cerebral palsy and Epilpesy.
Services provided are pediatric neurodevelopmental assessment, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, counseling, remedial education and EEG.
The center is manned by Neuro Pediatrician and Occupational therapist trained in SI and other modalities catering to the needy children with goal directed assessment and therapy plan to show a CHANGE in 100 days.
We recommend schools, playgroup nurseries and institutes; also pediatricians to refer children with delayed milestones, speech issues, walking gait or behavior issues, suspected autism or hyper kids like ADHD or epilepsy or epilepsy like diseases.
There are no magic remedies, no heavy costs. A detailed understanding, goal directed therapies and reassesment to plan the missing developments or therapies; is the key to success of a PedNeuro center.
At Aaakaar, we believe that Taking Proper Care of a developing Brain; helps Shape The Future Personality of The Child.
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