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Kondekars Concept of 4D minus diet

Autism is not a dietary deficiency. Special diet like gfcf or gaps diet in autism had made a great market like Homeopathy did. Nemchek means oils, antibiotic and inulin based diets are followed by some people saying gut infection. Homeopaths claim that gut fungal or inflammation needs that special diet. Its not so. All above is wrong... as Autism is sensory and not dietary. Autism is not a dietary disease. Autism is not related to gluten or celiac disease. Then why the fuss about diet in autism? There are 3 reasons: 1. Autism is a sensory issue/ pathology. Autism kids donot sense the sense of gut movement or digestion or gut distension clearly 2. Autism is associated with constipation in 70% cases mainly because people tend to give power diets like milk and dry fruits [people feel it helps in brain development -no it doesnt] in excess in autism and all of these are constipating diets. 3. Altered gut sense, makes the brain interpret sense wrongly and hence , child gives a wierd sen