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There is no complete cure for many disorders including autism .  Development and learning are modifiable processes and we work towards generating hopes that something will be better some way someday, making the life of every child and parent comfortable, independent and proud.  Parents are the key and it’s good to hope that every child will become more independent and more mature and more learnable someday.. ....  Earliest . s ee how - many kids start showing changes in months at Lets help every child - look listen feel behave, understand, connect, communicate, create. for online appointment visit  has links to Dr Kondekar's talks, videos, lectures, free understanding and information about autism speech delay and hyperactivity issues, information about joining WhatsApp groups and Appointment booking link and payment links.  ** In case of any issues information advice and free help WhatsApp 7021713681 **  fo

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Whole world seems like having an epidemic of autism.  Every one uses the label loosely or with meaning.  Newspapers, TV chanels, doctors always talk about it when they encounter a child with speech behvaiour and personality issues and early school dropouts too when they grow up, they have a spectrum of manifestations from introvert or shy personality to a subnormal intellectual or a violent psychopathic or at times a personality with psychiatric manifestations including psychosis. Lets not panic or exaggerate or get scared, cos now we have found a way to tackle it. Lets discuss autism in details to understand how it develops and how to tackle it. ************************************************* If you would like to discuss about your kid? Please your case details at **************************************